Cake Decoration is a growing and global market with a spectrum of consumers from experts to beginners and a wide range of trade channels.

2016/2017 Performance

After a disappointing first half, sales saw good growth in the second half of the year. Volumes of sugarpaste and caramels grew though marzipan sales fell slightly. Sales for export grew with increasing demand in the US and the launch of Renshaw ‘Extra’ in Europe. Rainbow Dust faced increased competition but still managed to grow sales by 13% with the Progel colours range performing particularly strongly.

Overall divisional EBITDA was down on the previous year by £0.9 million as a result of increased overheads at Rainbow Dust and in Europe as well as set up costs and people investment in the new Americas operation.

Forward Plans

Product plans at Renshaw include a drive on discs and plaques from the new automated line while frostings and the Simply Create ranges will begin sale in the final quarter. Significant new business is anticipated internationally with the developing American market and the launch of the brand into Australia. The Rainbow Dust range will be relaunched during the year with a refreshed logo, new designs and internationally compliant packaging.

The investment plan at the Renshaw Crown street site has begun with the installation of new sugar milling capacity, the new, automated discs and plaques line and the hot process frostings for the Simply Create brand. At Rainbow Dust, the site is being upgraded to BRC standard which will open up sales opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

Cake Decoration includes the following businesses:

Renshaw manufacturers sugarpaste, marzipan, soft icings, mallows and caramels and sells across a broad range of sales channels: mainstream and specialist retail, wholesale, foodservice and food manufacturing as well as export.

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Rainbow Dust Colours produces a range of edible glitters, dusts, powders and food paints, brushes and pens for the specialist sugarcraft sector.

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Renshaw Europe sells, markets and distributes both Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products across continental Europe.

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Renshaw Americas sells, markets and distributes both Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products across the Americas.

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